Sunday, June 8, 2014

George Chinnery Comments on His Sketchbooks to James Matheson, 1838

An intriguing tidbit penned by George Chinnery in a letter to James Matheson, of China traders, Jardine & Matheson.

Courtesy, British Museum
'But you know what my Sketch Books are -- all full - but many in each volume, with the embryo of design -- many filled in partially -- and many in their completed state of pen and sepia ... it will be the Sketch Book of a Painter and some 50 years hence may be interesting -- here and there I'll leave one in an unfinished state that G.C. may be seen more clearly, when it may come under the eye of a brother of the pencil.' (George Chinnery to James Matheson, 1 Dec. 1838)

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